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In the spring of 2008, just as the Great Recession was wreaking havoc on the global economy, I opted to leave my stable, well-paid job at the international law firm Sullivan & Cromwell for the life of a freelance German/Spanish-to-English translator. Apart from a stint in grad school, which got me an MA in translation studies from the Comparative Literature program at UMass Amherst in 2020, I've been freelancing ever since.

My specializations include:

  • Legal documents

  • Renewable energy: technical documents and ad copy

  • Personal documents: birth certificates, transcripts, marriage certificates, etc.

  • Academic writing: historiography, political science, sociology, musicology

Over the years, my clientele has included manufacturers of renewable energy systems and products, law firms, non-profits, big companies, little companies, and individuals. My published translations include one book of historiography, essays on political economy, subtitles, and reportage. It will soon also include one very lengthy memoir.

The following is an ongoing, incomplete collection of translation work I have done that is available online. Other, specialized samples are available upon request.

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