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Published Writing:

Published Writing:

  • Upcoming: "Ambivalent Anti-Modernity: Fashwave and Far-Right Temporality in the Internet Age," in: Comparative Critical Studies. Publication date: Fall 2024.

Published Translations

  • "Ernst Lohoff & Norbert Trenkle Discuss the Economic and Financial Crisis" Part 1, 2, & 3, in: Krisis, Nov. 2012.

Conference Papers

  • Upcoming: "Narrative Networks of the Transatlantic Far Right," International Association of Comparative Fascist Studies online convention: "Historical Fascism as a Global System,” Central European University PU, Vienna, December 2021.

  • “Writing against Hitler, Stalin, and Franco: A German Anarchist Documents the Spanish Civil War,” Modern Language Association International Symposium, Lisbon, Portugal, July 2019.

  • “Ambivalent Anti-Modernity and the Aesthetics of White Nationalism,” Against the Grain conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2019.

  • “Between Theory and Action: White Nationalist Narratives of Invasion and Resistance,” Translation as a Political Act, Perugia, Italy, May 2019.

  • “Non-Translation in Pursuit of Power: A Comparative Study,” American Translation & Interpreting Studies Association, Milwaukee, WI, March 2018.


  • “Twenty-First Century Political Vernacular,” Graduate Student Conference on Translation and Translation Studies, Binghamton University, Binghamton, New York, April 2017.

  • “Buddhist Sutra Translation: The Persistent Lacuna between Word and Meaning,” Graduate Student Conference on Translation Studies, Umass Amherst, April 2016.

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